Thanks to the hard work of our projects committee under the Leadership of Chairman, Raymond Miller and wih support funding from Enovert Community Trust, together with many community gift aided donations.

The Church’s four clock faces, which were installed in 1891 and are a replica of the mechanism of Westminster Palace’s world-famous Elizabeth Tower, stopped working in March 2018.
The project involved dismantling and cleaning the clock’s mechanism and replacing a number of damaged bearings and bushes.  In order to restore the clock to full working order the hands were removed along with the connecting  arbours  to the main components.
Raymond Miller, Chairman of the Church’s Project Committee, said: “We are very grateful to Enovert Community Trust for its generous grant. The spire and clocks are an historic local landmark in Bexley and have chimed on the hour, every hour for more than a century until they sadly stopped last year. I know many local people will be delighted that the clocks are now restored to full working order.”

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St John's is Open Daily

St. John’s is open daily for prayer, reflection and private commemoration.
We apologise if on occasions you find church locked.